Free Gillette Razor (US Only!)

Experts at Gillette have performed comprehensive examining on the effects shaving has on both male and female hair growth, texture and color. This testing has confirmed that shaving does not affect hair growth, color or texture. Shaving does, however, alter the tip shape of the regrown hair, which may initially change the way hair feels as it grows back. But if hair is left to re-grow completely, it will return to its former state.

It’s not a great idea to share your razor with anyone – including your partner. Women have a much huge area to shave and you may find that after only a few shaves, your blade has dulled considerably, increasing the likelihood of nicks and cuts. That’s why you must visit link below to get a free Gillette Fusion Power or Gillette Venus Razor, so that you can experience it yourself. Keep in mind that  there are some participation required!

Valid only in the United States.

>>Try a Gillette Razor and feel the difference for yourself<<

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