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The publisher Shueisha in Weekly Shonen Jump published on a weekly basis since 1999 to the present total of 561 chapters, which appear every Monday in the magazine. This chapter has been summarized periodically in 58 manga volumes, which have sold 100 million copies worldwide to date (April 2010). Naruto is also sold in the first half of 2011 in Japan over 3 million copies and was the third best-selling manga. The individual manga volumes appear each in two-to four-month cycle in Japan. The first volume was published in Japanese in early 2000.

Naruto is a world famous and successful manga series written by the mangaka Masashi Kishimotos, which was also implemented as an anime.The story is set in a fictional world, which is mainly described from the point of view and tells Naruto.

For gamers and Anime hardcore fans, we sure that you will love this one. The publisher Ngam has introduced a new browser game called Pockie Ninja. It is a mixture of comic and role play 2D beat ‘em up with over 100 fighters from the famous anime series such as “Naruto” and “Bleach”.

As a powerful ninja you travel through the world of Pockie Ninja and rise to the many challenges that holds the browser game for you. You can create an awesome character and each character has unique abilities that should be improved as the game progresses.

In the cartoon world of Pockie Ninja awaits the adventurous encounter one or the other. So you meet on your journey, for example on cute pets, landscapes and visit different places and keep on the lookout for enemies, with which you measure yourself and put your fighting skills to the test message. In the action-packed battles of Pockie Ninja you show what kind of a heroic ninja in you. As a successful warrior you step on the level and explore the mystical lands of the browser game.

Validity: US and Canada Only!!

Pokie Ninja, Naruto Bleach ninja action! Play Free NOW!

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